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Carolina CoboFront End Developer

From Spain, currently based in Dublin, Ireland. I was a Technical Recruiter and switched careers into Software Development.

My work

Some examples of my work and projects I've worked or I'm currently working on, feedback is always appreaciated


This area is work in progress as my content is growing I'm planning on using a more efficient way of showing my articles.

I also have been contributing and sharing my articles in Codú

Callbacks, Promises & Async/Await

My take away to understand promises and Async/Await

4 min read

React Hooks 1: useState, useEffect, useContext, useRef & useReducer

An article in how the most popular Hooks work

5 min read

Best projects to start coding

I wish I knew this when I started coding so I could have built a portfolio faster

3 min read

Getting a job in tech part 1: CV

I wanted to share my experience building my CV as a career switcher, the mistakes I made and how I solved them. Also you can see the final result and use it as a template.

5 min read

Oh, s#$t I deleted all my Git history!

If you struggle with git as much as I do, this little trick will be helpful to get back on track!

3 min read

Switching careers: my first month as Software Engineer

I recently started my first professional job as Software Engineer and I wanted to share my first month in case you are going through the same process or considering it.

3 min read

How do Recruiters Search for people?

Everyone hates when recruiter reach out to them with something that is not related to their background, but do you know how they actually have found you?

5 min read

Difference between em and rem in CSS

As a new learner of web development I encountered myself trying to understand what is the difference between em and rem, so here tou can find what are their major differences and how you should use them.

1 min read

YouTube channels to learn or level up in Python 🐍

Online sources are always a great way to learn or sharp your skills, if you are currently learning Python here you can find a few channels that could help you along the way.

2 min read

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If you'd like to collaborate, asking questions about career switching or just to know me a bit better feel free to send me a message!